Easter Weekend Recap

Hello my friends.  I hope your Easter was sweet & happy.  We dyed eggs on Friday & were visited by the Easter Bunny on Saturday - a tradition in our home as we focus on the Savior on Sunday. 
We learned that brown eggs dye much prettier than white eggs.

 The blue one is my favorite.  Boo turned them into egg salad sandwiches after church yesterday.  Delicious.

The Bunny was on a very tight budget this year.  The Bunny {is it a boy or a girl??  does anyone really know??} brought cheap baskets, a few chocolate treats and a few usable goodies for the kids to share.

I have no pictures of the family to share.  We dressed up for picture-taking later Easter Sunday but a very sweet grandma handed the kids colored bubbles which ended up all over their cute outfits and shoes....and hands....and toes.....oi.  Clothes are all having a second washing today.  So I will share Tot's cute skirt (skirt #2), which came out just darling, with you later this week.

Have a lovely Monday.  I'm off to visit some lady friends this morning & make gum paste roses for a cake I'm putting together Wednesday.  So excited about this one!


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