what I learned while making fondant

Fondant is a funny thing.  {It's a funny word too.}  It takes hand power to twist it, fold it, knead it & roll it into ball shapes.  And it's also a very theraputic process.  It takes patience, thought and even a little aggression.  Somehow, it's relaxing.  

My final cake class was Wednesday night.  I prepared several fondant/gum paste roses.  Yes, I dried them upside down using my kitchen cabinet doors.  The doors have small round rubber stoppers on the backside and so I cleverly used them to hold the roses upside down to dry.

I prepped marshmallow fondant (colored light brown) for my cake.  It was a messy messy process.  I learned that Crisco is my new best friend when it comes to making such messiness.  I also learned that I need to make it on my longer kitchen countertop because I like to spread out and get really messy.
**Note to self: buy a sifter because when the recipe tells you to sift the powdered sugar, it isn't joking**

And then I took it all to class to make this:

Not bad for my first cake, eh?  It got a little dinged up when I tried to put it back into the box to take it home.  The Mr. & I dug in to the top layer after I took pictures.  I must say that marshmallow fondant is much yummier than regular fondant.  Much. 

I like making cakes.  I think I'll make more.  And share, of course ;)

  Have a lovely weekend,

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