skirt #1

I am finally done with skirt #1, and let me tell you it was no easy feat.  I am a novice sewer.  No fancy stitches for me please!  After cutting the fabric the wrong direction and bummed about the project I had barely begun, I knew I had to finish.  I think I was just determined not to fail.  Or at least not fail miserably.  Or not waste the money my mom spent on fabric.  One of those.... 

The skirt became my nightly project.  I worked on it almost every night last week after kids went to bed or had bath time.  Sunday night was my self-imposed deadline.  I do have another skirt to make for Tot and want a full week to complete it.  I'm slow.  I know. 

I tweaked the pattern just a bit because Boo is skinnier and taller than the average 12 year old.  Or at least she is skinnier and taller than the pattern.  So I adjusted the length of the underskirt.  And I love how it turned out!

I must admit that I have a whole new level of respect for anyone who can sew well.  I realized there is so much for me to learn technically.  For instance, I've been introduced to the concept of tension.  And I learned how to put in an elastic waistband - a first for me. It was super rewarding to see it all come together. 

Skirt #2 will teach me new skills as well.  I have to insert a drawstring into the top layer of the skirt.  Wish me luck.  I'm gonna need it.


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  1. Cute. Where'd you find the pattern? I wanna make one!


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