Good Eats: banana yogurt smoothie

Smoothies have become a regular snack item in the Buis household (Yes, Buis is my last name.  You pronounce it like the car Buick, but replace the "ck" with an "s".  Dont' worry if you didn't get that - people mispronounce it all the time.)  I love to throw a banana, 2 big spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, one or two cups of milk (depending on how much I want to drink myself or share), and a quick squeeze of Hershey's chocolate syrup into a blender. 

Be sure to blend until smooth.

Then pour & share :)

Wanna kick it up a notch?  Forget the chocolate syrup and add blueberry greek yogurt instead of plain greek yogurt.  It's so good. 

What's your favorite smoothie?  I'll share another soon!

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