my boy baked

I love it when Booga asks to bake something.  He's more of a gadget kind of kid but every once in a while his interest in baking surfaces. 

So he made some plain oatmeal cookies using oats from our food storage & a recipe from his cub scout book. 

As an added bonus, he got to mark off a requirement.

They were delicious.

I want all of my kids to know the ins & outs of the kitchen before they grow up into tall people.  They can't take me with them when they leave home for college & missions & married life.  I want them to know how to feed themselves well - not just mac-n-cheese.  I admit it will be hard to share the kitchen.  I get left alone when I cook & bake, which is a rare thing if you have 4 kids.  But I think the training must begin.  I look forward to sharing our baking adventures from time to time.

Do your kids bake with you?  What's your favorite thing to make together?

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  1. Mine love to make waffles (is that baking or cooking?) ;)
    also they like to make a dessert recipe we have over here called pavlova. It's like a huge fuffy meringue


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