I finally found the time to put together a post & take pictures of the skirts I toiled and sweated over making for Easter.  They were truly a labor of love.

I made Boo's skirt first because it appeared easier to make.  I had no idea there was no pattern to cut - just instructions and measurements in a booklet.  Oi.  Had I known that from the beginning, I am sure I would have chosen a different pattern. 

 There should be a little disclaimer that says you will need to call someone with more sewing experience than you if this is your first sewing project because you'll need someone to listen to you cry out of frustration, give you pointers on how to gather, listen to you cry some more and shout for joy with you when you are done.  I called my mom.

With one skirt down and one to go, I was a little revved up to get the second one finished for Tot.  And I did.  In a couple hours.  That's it.  I know.  Much much faster than my first skirt attempt.  Perhaps that's because there was an actual pattern for me to cut out & use ;)

 Tot couldn't stop messing with the velvet string that's attached to the skirt.  Silly girl.

I was asked to share what patterns I used.

I made Boo's skirt with instructions provided by Izzy & Ivy.  I used the Julia pattern from modkid to make Tot's skirt.  I have leftover fabric and want to attempt another skirt for Tot soon.  She's a skirt lover.  She'd wear them everyday if she didn't have to wear a uniform to school.  I love having a girly girl in the house.

Happy Sewing!

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