praying for rain

Maybe some of you have heard about the Wallow Fire.  Maybe some of you have been affected by it.  Or by the other fires that have started in the southern part of Arizona.  Many have lost homes....everything.  I can't imagine the heartache they are experiencing. 

The Wallow Fire is already larger than the entire state of Rhode Island.  Yeah, it's that big.  It's sobering.

A friend is gathering supplies to donate to victims & the brave firefighters in the south.  She has friends who have lost homes.  We donated water.  I wish we could do more.

Rain has not been in our forecast since these fires began. So maybe if we all pray hard enough a much needed miracle will occur.  A little prayer can go a long way.  Pray.  Pray for families to be safe, homes to be protected & firefighters to have the strength & protection they need to fight these horrible fires.  Pray.


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