hello with a side of silly

I'm back.  Back to blogging (yeah!), back to a home with now working air conditioning, back to a normal life (it's hard to live out of suitcases when you're not really on vacation), and trying to get back into a normal routine.  It feels good to be back :)

We are keeping ourselves busy with unpacking and packing up again.  Boo is getting ready to go to Girl's Camp {for church} tomorrow.  I went when I was her age and am super excited for her.  She's somewhat excited too.  I have to run to the store this morning for last minute items like dental floss, baby wipes & a rain poncho.  It's monsoon season here and I'm sure some rain will be trickling {more like pouring} down on the camp every day.  She's going to have so much fun!!

We are also keeping our summer days filled with craftiness of sorts.  Whenever my mom comes to visit for the day, she brings the kids a little something.  This last time it was silly putty.  Remember that stuff?  Although the girls haven't taken to it much, it keeps my boys busy for at least a full hour.  It's great for making impressions of things like star wars legos.

This week will prove to be interesting.  Our computer is on the fritz and for the first time in years, we are going shopping for a new one.  All we know is that it must be a laptop. 
Any suggestions??

Happy Monday,

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