officially back//big announcement

Hello.  We officially have a laptop & so I am officially blogging again.  Yea!  The last couple of computer less weeks have been quite busy.  The kids started school and so far it is going swimmingly.  They like their teachers enough not to hate school so I'm pleased as punch.  

And now for the BIG announcement - or at least I think it's big.......

About 2 weeks ago, the Mr. got a life-changing phone call.  It was a job offer for an appraiser position he had interviewed for 2 weeks prior.  And it's in Virginia.  We live in Arizona.  So this is a major life change for our little family.  Yes, Virginia.  I am sure friends are a little shocked that we are leaving all of my side of the family behind to live in a state where the closest relative will be 2 hours away.  It really wasn't a difficult decision to make.  We've been longing for something different - something greener than the desert.  Of course there are people we've grown quite attached to here & will miss them dearly.  But friends to us are friends for life.

So Virginia isn't just for lovers.  It's for the Buis family too.

Much love,

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  1. You will LOVE Virginia! I am slightly jealous. We have been regretting moving back West after living in MD. There are wonderful things on both coasts, but SO much to do in the cluster of states on the east coast.



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