good eats: turkey dogs & sweet potato fries

I love this time of year when sweet potatoes are a'plenty at the grocery store and I get to bring some home to make delicious eats with them.   This time, I wanted to try something different - sweet potato fries.  I just peeled 2 large sweet potatoes, washed them thoroughly, and cut them up into fry stick shapes.  Actually, my stick shapes look more like chunks.  Meanwhile, the oven was heating up to a nice 375.  I laid the fries on a stone cookie sheet (I'm sure a regular metal cookie sheet works fine too) and drizzled them with olive oil.  Once in the oven, they cooked for 35 minutes.  No salt or pepper are necessary, although my kids like to eat them with ketchup.  I like them plain.  These are so good & so easy to make that I am sure they will be on our dinner table again soon.

My kids are slowly learning to like them.  I did hear once that you have to put a new food on your child's plate 10 times before they'll try it or like it.  We've had sweet potatoes - in some way, shape or form - about 6 times, so they are well on their way to liking them ;)

What's your favorite sweet potato recipe?

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