Make It Monday: old jeans//new jeans

I have a pair of Sweetheart blue jeans from Old Navy that I love.  I love the fit, that is.  Not the color.

So I decided they needed some freshening up.   Denim Blue RIT dye from Walmart would be just the thing to deepen that faded old blue.  

I decided the best place to do this project was in my kitchen sink because it is big & deep (and I wouldn't have to be hunched over the whole time).  The packaging does say that it will stain cracks in porcelain (the material my sink is made of) so I was sure to wash any stain down immediately.  

I filled up a bucket about half full with water that was as hot as I could stand to touch.  I poured in the whole container of dye while the water was running and poured in a cup of salt (per the container's directions).  Hot water and salt allow the fibers to expand and the color to set better.  The dye also says to stir your project with a wooden spoon.  I don't have one.  And since my jeans are a larger project, I donned a pair of rubber gloves and swished the jeans around in the bucket the entire time.

I left the jeans in the dye bath for 35 minutes.  It took me an equal amount of time to rinse out all the dye before throwing the jeans into the washing machine.  Be sure to rinse with cold water as this will allow the fibers to shrink and the color to set.  Some dyes take longer to rinse out than others.  Reds usually take the longest.

And now my blue jeans are a blue I love.  

This project made me miss the process of fabric manipulation - something I did in college.  I really want to do more and am already searching my closet for more dying possibilities.    A project like this is lots of fun, easy to do and can bring a completely new life to something rather drab.    So go dye something - you'll be glad you did.

Have a lovely day,

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