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I don't collect much.  I don't like clutter.  I do have a small Eeyore collection - all of the items given to me by family & friends since I was a teenager.  Apparently I was a grouchy teenager.  I blame that on hormones.  Not a single item have I purchased on my own.  

Until now. 

For several months now I have been collecting plastic bread tabs.  Odd, I know, but it's a collection just like any other.   I like my tabs flat.  Size and color are not as important.  One day I am going to make something with them.  That's what I get for majoring in fibers in college.  I'm always looking at everyday objects & wonder what I can do with them.   It's going to take a long time to make my secret project because I need, oh, say 300 more of these bad boys.   That's a lot of bread to buy.  One day......one day.  

Do you collect things?  Please share.

Have a lovely day,

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