old specs

**I know this post was supposed to appear yesterday, but I decided to take a day and focus on my kids.  We spent the day playing, watching movies, visiting Nana & Grandpa, swimming, and looking at stars.  It was a perfect day.**

Tot got bright red specs a couple of weeks ago.  She's adorable in them & they match her crazy personality perfectly.  But I didn't want to just throw away a perfectly good pair of glasses, so I looked up ways to donate eyeglasses on google.  Aahhhh, the power of google.  I found out that the Lions Club has a donation program established & you can send in your old specs to local spots or directly to their headquarters.  I found an address in my state, so we packed them up {along with an old pair of mine} and we are shipping them off this week.

The sweater and pants in the background will also be mailed to the Mr. during the same trip to the little post office in town.  He has arrived in Virginia and started his new job this past Wednesday.  He says we'll love it there.  We are both anxious to get our whole family out there and get things back to normal.  It's kinda crazy staying behind with 4 kiddles while the Mr. is clear across the country.  There's no more picking up the phone to see if he can get milk at the grocery store on the way home.  I really took stuff like that for granted.  Not anymore.  I have true respect for single parents.  

I hope you had a pleasant weekend, filled with family & good times.


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