sweet winnings

Remember the giveaway I won & posted about here?  Well prize #2 arrived the mail last week and I am finally getting around to posting about it.  The very sweet Emily, from Blue Corduroy, offered a nice discount on anything in her shop.  I picked out a new dress for Tot because she LOVES dresses and there was one in her size.  I loved the color combo too and kinda fell in love with the polka dot fabric she paired with the vintage floral pattern.

Emily also gifted some small seashells, which Nonee is all too happy to play with.  I think he's been carrying the white one around with him all afternoon.

Yeah, I think this dress pretty much rocks.

Check out Emily's shop HERE & her blog HERE.

Thanks Emily,


  1. Oh, that is too cute!! I think I have a vintage pillow case in a pattern a lot like that... makes me (almost) consider making something half as adorable out of it (or, you know, asking someone who actually knows how to sew to do it for me!)

  2. Anna- you made my day! your daughter looks just adorable in her new dress, i'm so glad it found the perfect home!

    thanks also for all the sweet words and the links to my shop!

    your blog is wonderful!


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