thrifty find

I love me a good thrifty find & happened upon one a handful of weeks ago.  Actually, the Mr. {who loves to thrift with me} spotted it & said something like, "Hey hon, don't you like that stuff?"  I twirled around to see a lovely hobnail milk glass vase sitting on a shelf & thought I'd died & gone to heaven.  I'm weak in the knees for that "stuff".  And it was one whole whopping dollar.  I'd been favorite-ing some just like it on etsy for much more than that so it totally made my day.

Since everything is packed up or not in its normal place at the moment, I had to get fancy & take the photo using the Mr.'s guitar amp in place of  a shelf or table.  I think it works.

Any good thrifty finds for you lately??

Have a lovely day,

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  1. I love milk glass! I used to collect way too much of it, and actually had to give some away... and now I get jealous when I see my old milk glass in my friends' houses, haha!


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