just call me MacGyver

Half of the doors in our house are pocket doors.  And I have a curious 4 year old that decided to shove a book in-between my bedroom pocket door & the wall.  It was unreachable.  And I was grossed out with thoughts of daddy long legs and other creepy crawlies just waiting for my little fingers to invade their territory.  So I left the book there.

But one day my door would not open all the way.  And then I remembered..... the Dr. Suess book!  I knew I had to get it out because no one wants to buy a house that's for sale that has a pocket door that won't open all the way.  Or at least I don't think so.  It was time to bust out my MacGyver skills and retrieve the book.  

I keep some wire hangers around just in case.  They come in handy for all sorts of things, from book report mobiles to pulling out small toys that slide under the piano.  Luckily I had just one left.  So I cut it and made it as straight as I could.  But it wasn't quite long enough to hook the book.  So I taped it to a plastic hanger.  This worked better.  But I needed light, so I pinned a flashlight between my foot & the door so it would shine right on the book.  It is a good thing I watched MacGyver religiously as a child (thanks Grandpa).

  About 15 minutes later, the book was free.  And I was a little boys' hero :)

Parenting is definitely an adventure sometimes.

Happy Wednesday,

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