too cute to spook

Halloween was a total success.  The kids managed to get all of their homework done and don their costumes in just one hour.  Plus, I even had time to get in a mini photo shoot before we left for our Trunk-Or-Treat.  It's our first Halloween without the Mr. & I really needed things to go smoothly.  
And it did.  
Thank goodness.

We went on the cheap this year & each of the kid's costumes were $10 or less.  In the past, we've dished out $25 for each costume, which I happen to think is ridiculous.  I think I was just too lazy overwhelmed with the thought of having to make 4 costumes & each one of them be some famous superhero or the like.  So the day after Halloween last year, I put it into my kids' heads that they were going to be easy things this year - like animals.  They complied & this was by far the easiest year we've had coming up with costumes because most of what the kids needed we already owned.  Cheap?  Yes.  But they still turned out oh so cute.

I hope your Halloween was fun, safe & filled with chocolate.  I always sneak chocolate from the kid's treat bags.  Should I be admitting this?  Oh well, I guess I just did.  I don't like other candy much so at least the rest of their goodies are safe ;)



  1. These are too cute! You did a great job on the budget! Our little guy didn't go trick-or-treating, but since lots of kids were coming to our door for candy, we let him dress up while he helped us hand it out. I went with a froggy hat from the dollar bin at target, and a green blanket tied around his neck like a cape :)

  2. Way to go! Your kids are all so cute. And your oldest is a mini you!


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