first lost tooth

On Saturday, we were invited by our landlords to a cookout on the patio. They had family visiting from out of town and we felt like their special guests. Noah discovered earlier that day that he had a very loose tooth after biting two small Legos apart (oh if I've told him once, I've told him twice....don't do that!). So at dinner, while he munched on cookies, chips & a beefy hotdog, the tooth came out. But we are not sure where it ended up. I peeked between the wooden patio slats and checked his food plate, but it was nowhere to be found. He was afraid the Tooth Fairy would not come since there was no physical tooth to hide under his pillow, but I assured him the Tooth Fairy knows when little boys lose their teeth, even if they get lost.

Noah has been toting his note and coins around daily. He is feeling like such a big boy. I love it. 


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