day trip//williamsburg

I will be the first to admit that the Mr. & I are not adventurers.  We are homebodies.  For years we've wished to be otherwise, but I think the shyness in both of us won time & time again.  But we're kinda sick of being this way.  So when we moved, we thought this would be the perfect time to put "family adventures" on our to-do list.  Last week, we made last-minute plans to explore Williamsburg.  The Mr.'s parents stayed with us the whole week and it seemed a perfect little trip to end our week together. We piled into our cars and drove back roads to the ferry, which is free of charge and a very entertaining way to travel if you have kids.  Much to the delight of our kids, ours was the first vehicle to get on the ferry.  We secured a great viewing spot & watched the water pass us by, seagulls follow us in hopes of getting food from passengers, and a little crab make its way to the surface.  I had no idea they could swim like that.  I'm a desert girl, remember ;)

Once we arrived, it was decided that we would park & walk around.  There is much walking to do and this kept us busy for a couple of hours.  We chose to explore a main road that is blocked off to vehicles, where brick homes, fields of grass and shops lined the street.  We decided to skip buying a family pass since they offer a discounted one online to Virginia residents later in the year and we weren't sure we'd come back all that often.  I do think returning one more time would be worth it though.

We picked up a few treasures before filling our bellies with yummy food.  I'm in love with the grape pop & minty-green walls at Retro's.  A cup of ice cream was the perfect end to our day.

My heart is happy that our little family has this memory tucked in our minds.  I think another adventure is in order.  Perhaps one to celebrate the end of summer?

What is your favorite summer adventure?


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