LA trip - part 1

I haven't posted in a month.  And what a month it was!  I became an aunt again (congrats Danny & Sam - we can't way to meet little Evan!), I planned a trip to Disneyland for the Mr. & I to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, I was a bridesmaid for a best friend's wedding, we settled into our rental home and spent hours & hours working on my new church calling.  I'm exhausted, yet fulfilled.  It's a satisfying feeling.

I thought I'd share the first leg of our trip to LA (Santa Monica, to be exact) first.  I grew up there from the age of 11 to 17.  And I loved it.  We moved around a handful of times and our final move landed us in a condo that was 4 blocks from the beach.  It's odd how when you go back to a place you once knew, how familiar, but not familiar, it is.  Does that make sense??  I wish we could have stayed longer.  We didn't have enough time to explore the city.  But it was good to see familiar faces, make new friends and soak in some one-on-one time with the Mr.

Most of the weekend was spent doing wedding stuff - dining out for lunch at Ivy By The Shore with the bridal party for lunch, eating crab for the first time and savoring the most delicious piece of red velvet cake.  It practically melted in my mouth - so heavenly!  After lunch, we got a mani/pedi and I am hooked.  Why have I never done this before??  I think I've found a new, fun addiction.  The wedding itself was ever so lovely.  The church was decorated with candles and flowers and filled with loved ones.  I've known  the bride and groom for years and it was so wonderful to see them fall in love and get married.  The reception was lovely.  The bride thoughtfully put the Mr. & I at a table that had a view of my old apartment.  Across the room, we could see my old high school, where I knew the bride & groom once upon a time.

This trip was just what I needed.  It's been years since the Mr. & I have had a real vacation together.  We promised we wouldn't wait so long to do something like this again.

I'll be back soon with part 2 of our little vacay - stay tuned!


  1. Your trip to LA looks beautiful. I love adventuring with the husband because you don't have to work or do anything but enjoy the trip.

  2. Glad you were able to take a trip and have some time together. Can't wait for pt. 2! :)


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