LA trip - part 2

Our quick trip to LA was in the works for quite some time.  We wanted to squeeze in some Disneyland time after the wedding fun, so the Mr. took a few extra days off work so we could go to the Happiest Place On Earth.  The last time we were there was 15 years ago - a newlywed spur of the moment trip.  I was in heaven riding Autopia and Pirates of the Caribbean, my two favorite rides of all time.  I'm a little girl at heart.  Too bad I don't have the same stamina as a child.  After two days of walking around the park and shopping for souvenirs for the kiddos, we were completely exhausted.  On top of that, we were trying to keep up with a 3 hour time difference.  Getting to bed at 3am for a week did not help the dark circles under my already tired eyes.  But it was so worth it.

On the plane ride home, we decided to take the kids to Disneyworld & spend the next two years saving up for it. They are super excited to save their pennies. Me too ;) xo, --Anna

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