The littles & I spent the morning at school orientation.  This is their 2nd new school in less than 6 months so we are hoping that this transition goes fairly well considering they are starting at the beginning of the year and not the month before summer begins.  New schools can be scary.  I speak from experience.   I have lots of it.  My children don't.

We met with the principal & teachers, got fingerprinted while channel 6 news filmed, and Noah even got to practice riding the bus around the block.   I will be spending my weekend filling out the traditional beginning of the year paperwork, prepping backpacks and lunch boxes, and making sure the children have cute outfits to wear on their first day.  I think I'm more excited than they are ;)

In other news, things will be quiet here for a couple of weeks.  I have surgery scheduled for next week and will be taking it easy for a couple of weeks so I can heal quickly & properly.  Thank you to those who have already sent their well wishes.  I have the best readers and friends!


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