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On the rare night that our whole family finds ourselves with nothing to do, we like to play games.  Typically the Mr. & kids play the Wii while I watch, but I am making great efforts lately to get my kids to keep to the tv off and do other things.  Over the last couple of weeks, the kids have attempted to teach themselves to play Monopoly.  Read the rules?  Forget about it.  Made up kid rules are better ;)  So the Mr. & I thought a game night would be the perfect opportunity to teach them the real rules.  The Mr. likes to kick butt and take names when it comes to this game.  There is no mercy - even for our 5 year old.

[The blurry photos below are courtesy of my iPhone]

We played for almost two hours and it took about half that time for all four of our kids to really get the hang of it.  Once we found a groove, it was a lot of fun to see which properties the kids wanted to purchase and which ones were not worth it.  The Mr. & I bought up Boardwalk & Park Place from the start and the kids cringed every time they landed on our properties.   Tatum purchased every single cheap property she landed on but claimed she was way to broke to purchase the pricier ones.

I am looking forward to another lazy afternoon when we can pull out Monopoly again.

What is your family's favorite game??

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Monopoly brings out the dysfunction in my family... it all started when one year on vacation my baby brother begged us all to play and then quit a few hours in after it became apparent when he was going to lose. Things got ugly. But maybe we should try again now that it's been a few years :)

    1. That's hilarious! My sisters & I used to play it as children & our game would literally last for days (with lots of outside playtime, meals & sleep thrown in-between turns). We were so competitive.


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