thank you cookies

We were driving over the weekend and the van gave out on us.  Again.  For the fourth time in a month.  And each and every time the mechanics claim they've fixed whatever it is that is mysteriously wrong with it. We dropped the van off at the auto shop again yesterday.  I hope it's the last time because, quite frankly, we can't afford to fix it anymore.

As luck would have it, the Mr.'s car wouldn't start this morning.  I said a simple prayer because a family of six with no transportation is not an option.  Especially since Hailey has an orthodontist appointment after school, Noah has soccer practice right after dinner and the Mr. has a church meeting right after that.  So the Mr. did a little tinkering, removed the car battery & got a ride from a very helpful neighbor to an auto store to buy a new battery.  He brought it home, installed it & the car started right up.  I said another little prayer with nothing but gratitude in my heart.

Our neighbor has been more than good to us, as he has been so kind as to take the Mr. wherever he needs to go when our vehicles quit on us.  He will be getting a plate of pumpkin cookies from us this afternoon. Nothing says thank you like pumpkin cookies.

I found the recipe on pinterest.  I don't have all the spices on hand, but they are good enough without them.   My kids love them so I think we found a new winner to add to our favorite Fall recipes.

What is your favorite Fall recipe or treat?



  1. pumpkin cookies are sure to please. cranberry apple pie and pumpkin smoothies are top 'o my list for fall.

  2. A pumpkin smoothie sounds so good right now. Happy baking!

  3. What a nice way to say thank you! I mean you seriously can't go wrong with some pumpkin cookies :)

    1. You have to love Pinterest for those go-to recipes. These cookies are so yummy!


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