on the second day of Sandy

Tuesday was actually forecast to be worse than Monday in our area, but we were happily surprised when it wasn't.  We were blessed enough to get through the storm with a power outage that lasted a whole 5 seconds.  We decided to make things a little more adventuresome for the kiddos and let them sleep in their sleeping bags, which were to be used when we had a real power outage and no heat.  Sandy made things dramatically cooler.  It was a chilly 40 degrees at the bus stop this morning.  This cooler weather, which I love, finally gave us a reason to bust out our winter hats.

School was cancelled for 2 days and the Mr.'s entire building at work was shut down for Sandy.  So we watched movies, played games, and I went into full nesting mode (more on that soon!).  I finally figured out that the Mr. is quietly competitive when it comes to Bananagrams and beat me at every game by one letter.  He's so sly.

Carter discovered his ability to make duck calls.

Tatum wasn't too into the game, but at least we know she can spell.

Tonight, we are venturing out into the cold to do a little trick or treating.  I wish you the spookiest of nights with your big & little ones.


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