what i wore to church//mustard tights

It's just cool enough in the mornings now to warrant wearing tights.  Wanting (and needing) to add some fun color into my wardrobe, I settled on a mustard pair.  I kinda have a thing for anything mustard colored.  It's hard to resist.  Anyhoo, I decided to wear my new tights to church yesterday, since I was speaking in Sacrament Meeting.  Such an occasion calls for colored tights, does it not?

I paired them with an Old Navy jean skirt, a thrifted plaid button-up top & a thrifted grey sweater.  I sorted through my necklace pile and found a white necklace (also thrifted) that I added a blue flower to a couple of years ago.  [note to self: make a bigger flower to go behind the little flower on the necklace]
Oh, and I threw on my grey loafers to go with the grey sweater and a black skinny belt for good measure.

But oh, my hair.  It's turning grey faster than I can say she sells sea shells down by the seashore 10 times fast.  And I am freaking out a little bit about it.  This Virginia air makes it frizz, too, and I am desperate to find a solution.  Like maybe chop it off again and let it curl naturally?  Or keep it long and just deal with it?  **Sigh**  I am turning 35 in just a few weeks.  I need to do something to it so I don't feel so blah.  You know?  Or maybe you don't know and you want me to shut up about my hair.  Either way, something must be done.  I suppose that will be another post for another day.....


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