meet Mittens

Mittens made his way into our home on the first of December.  We whittled a list of names for him from over thirty to just 3: Ginger, Mittens and Nutmeg.  Mittens got the most votes and I think the name  fits him quite well.

One day one, he waited patiently for the kids to get home from school while sitting in a cozy spot on our apple picking ladder.  He's such a good elf.   Each morning, we find Mittens in a new spot.  Noah wakes up his sleepy little self at 6am (a whole hour before he really needs to get up in the morning) to find Mittens and then goes back to bed.  Silly boy.

Thus far, Mittens has been found happily drinking up our syrup, chillin' in a marshmallow bath and making friends with a reindeer I am currently painting gold.

If you'd like to keep up with Mittens and his shenanigans, you can find them on instagram here: @annieandm

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  I'd love to see what yours is up to - share a link in the comments!


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