We celebrated Carter's birthday over cake and ice cream.    He requested a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I'm his mom so I have to deliver, right?  So while he was off to school, I baked his cake.  Which turned into a total fail.  It was a disaster straight out of the pan.  So I shoved frosting into spots to hold chunks together, filled the middle layer with reese's peanut butter chunks for good measure and slathered a thick layer of homemade chocolate frosting on the outside.  I threw it in the fridge to firm it up and was delighted to find it hadn't completely fallen apart by the time we sang "Happy Birthday" to Carter.

So, Happy Birthday to you, Carter.  I can't believe you are eleven.  You are growing up much too fast. You are an amazing boy - so kind, thoughtful & quick witted, just like your father.   And I love that you still think it's cool to wear the family birthday hat.  Here's to another amazing year!

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