sunday style//yellow & lace

Today was a beautiful day.  After being under tornado watch just a couple of days ago, the beautiful weather today was more than welcome.  I hope it stays for good.

As I was taking these outfit photos today, I asked myself why I even do this type of post on my blog.  It's not a fashion blog by any means.  Coming up with something different to wear every Sunday is quite a challenge considering the size of my wardrobe is very very small.  I am going to run out of outfits to post sooner rather than later.  But it stretches this blue jeans & t-shirt wearin' mama to come up with something cute to wear once a week. And I like that :)

lace top/tank top/mustard tights/shoes: Target
skirt: thrifted
necklace: handmade by yours truly

So I want to know..... do you have a small wardrobe?  How do you switch things up so your wardrobe feels fresh?

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  1. nice!

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