graduation day

**This post is much overdue, but I still wanted to document it.

Three of the kids hit a major graduation milestone this year.  Noah finished up his kindergarten year, Carter completed 5th grade and his time in elementary school, and Hailey graduated from 8th grade and is officially in high school now.  Oh dear, where has the time gone?  It was such a hectic week and I felt like I practically lived at the elementary school.  There were parties and ceremonies and lots of picture taking opportunities.  Hailey's award ceremony happened to fall on the same day and time as Carter's graduation, so I opted to see Carter graduate since I had attended an National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony for Hailey earlier in the year.  I can't be everywhere at once.  Luckily I have kids that understand that.

My heart bursts with pride for my kiddos.  They have had to deal with a lot of change in the last year
(2 moves & 2 new schools).   And they handled it like rockstars.  It has proved to me just how resilient kids are and how well they adapt to change.  Since we are renting a home, change in the future is coming.  And I know that we are ready for it.

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