visiting the Virginia State Capitol

Summer is almost over for us and A LOT has happened to our little family (which I will blog about soon).  I was thinking about all the fun things the kids have been able to do this past school year and realized I never blogged about Noah's field trip to the state capitol building earlier this year ("this year" meaning "the school year".  Because my life's calendar is based on the school calendar year, not a traditional calendar.  After almost 16 years of being a mother, my mind has turned to mush and I can't think in terms of both.)

The Mr. & I tagged along with Noah's class, who ended up with an amazing tour guide.  He was entertaining and so full of knowledge.  We took our time in each room (just wee bit longer than his 1st grade class) and another worker pointed out tidbits of knowledge about the building and its history.

Fun facts for you (name that movie).......
1.  The Richmond State Capitol Building is the oldest government building in United States.
2.  The large pillars on the outside of the building were originally supported by large evergreen trees (pine trees, I think).  The trees are inside the pillars, providing support when they were built.  I'm pretty sure they are still there.
3.  There is a full size statue of George Washington in the original lobby (the building has since been added on to).  It is the only full size statue of him ever made and the only one that he posed for.  It's grand and amazing and kind of inspiring.

I am in love with the architecture you can find in Richmond. There are so many lovely buildings. The State Capitol building has such great stories to go along with it. It was somewhat of an honor to be in a building that helped shape our modern government and is still used today.

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