Happy Monday! As promised, I picked a winner for my little giveaway. Actually, my little helper picked the winner :)

We threw the names into a hat....

And she picked out this name......RONDA!!!!! She wanted to pick all the names, but I don't have enough prizes for everyone. Bummer, cuz how cool would that be?? I guess I'll just have to do more giveaways soon. Oh, & "why so blurry?" you ask, because she just couldn't keep still. What a silly girl she is.

And here is what you've won Ronda: 4 vintage fabric flowers, 2 paper flowers w/pearly centers, & 1 knotted hair bow (knitted by yours truly). Send me an email with your address & I'll pop it all in the mail for ya!

Just so you know....all the cuteness you see above & more will be in the grand opening of my etsy shop next week. I am so excited!!!


  1. OMG!!! Yay! Thanks Anna! I'm so stinkin' excited about the prize...Look at all those goodies! Can't wait til you launch your etsy!! And by the way....such a cute little "helper"! :)

  2. Super cute goodies!! Congratulations on winning, Ronda...and congratulations on your ETSY Anna!!


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