I am getting super excited for Christmas. We put up a few decorations today. The lights will go up on Monday. I can't wait to see our old house all lit up. It's magical. I couldn't decorate any other way than vintage. That style just seems to suit our home best. My favorite decoration?? A vintage village I got from ebay. It's exactly like the one my grandma put up when I was little. And I'm sure it was put up for many Christmases before I was even born. But now I have to accesorize the village with tiny figurines of people, cute little deer & trees frosted with snow. Then it will be perfect. The countdown to Christmas also means lots of nights cozied in front of the tv with my hubbs & a big mug of yummy hot chocolate. What's your favorite thing to do during the holiday season??

I found this cutie HERE

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  1. I just put up my decorations on Monday also. It was a bit dusty but I can't believe this fun decor will only be up for less than thirty days.


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