baby, it's cold outside

There's a gusty wind a'blowin' today & I spent the whole blustery morning out & about with my little guy.  I had to get my blood drawn first thing & he brought along his doctor kit.  I thought it would help him be brave.  And it worked like a charm.  Typically, visits to any kind of medical facility are a big no-no in his book and I endure his screaming fits & secretly know other patients wonder what is wrong with him.  I think it's the "s" word.  You know.  Shots.

Then we were off to Michaels so I could pick up a kit for the cake class I am taking this Saturday.  {insert jumping up & down with excitement here.}  I found a sweet kit on clearance, along with some aqua icing color.  Aqua icing color.  I died & went to heaven right there in the cake isle.  Because of severe weather in TX I couldn't purchase my kit with my gift card.  Boo.  So the lady kindly put it on hold for me & I get to go back tomorrow & get it.  She oohed and aahed over the kit.  It must be a good one ;)

After picking up Tot from school, we came home & I whipped up 3 big cups of hot chocolate.  The perfect treat for such a chilly day.  I know it's cold in most, if not all, of the country.  What fun things are you doing to keep warm?

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