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Every year, my grandma gives us containers full of mashed raspberries just waiting to be canned.  This was the first year I canned them on my own.  Canning is something that, quite honestly, scares me - especially when I think about doing it on my own.  I've heard all the horror stories of glass jars breaking after the food is already in them because they weren't processed just right.  But I was canning jam.  It should not be so terrifying, right?

So made a double batch in the largest pot I own.  Note to self:  get bigger pot OR only do one batch at a time.  Oh, & enlist the help of The Mr. too.  My raspberries started bubbling & the bubbles were bursting all over the stove top as it rose to the tippy tippy top.  So I scooted it from the heat (I have a flat electric cooktop stove), added the pectin, stirred for one minute while it still boiled & poured it all into jars.  It was a little hectic for a moment there.  My grandma makes it look so easy.  Practice, practice, practice.  Now I have lovely bottles of delicious jam gracing my countertop.  It's the only kind of jam Boo will eat & is enough to last us the rest of the year.

I'm feeling so domestic.  Next to try.....potatoes.  I have 2 bags of them in my fridge,  new jars sitting my pantry, and help to can them offered by a sweet lady at church :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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