this weekend, we......

We braved chilly weather & possible rain to go to the Arizona City Daze Parade. 

Tot cozied up with The Mr.  I love this coat, given to us by a friend.  It matches her personality so well.

Nonee entertained us before the parade began with a little jig in the street.

I love airplane flyovers.

See the boy waving?  That's Booga.  He's riding on the Scouting float.  He LOVES scouts.

And then I made a mad dash to my cake class.  We learned how to make roses, which I suck at but am determined to practice and perfect my technique this week.  Oh, & I hate the icing colors too.  I'm NOT a bright colors kind of person.  I'll have to play with icing colors too.  That should be fun and delicious.

We've got sick girls in our house today.  We are heading to see the doc in an hour.  I've been playing nurse all weekend but it's day 3 and they are still not better so I'm handing things over to the professionals.

How was your weekend?

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