over the weekend....

This weekend proved to be a busy one.  I've been recovering from an outpatient surgery since Wednesday.  Doc's orders say I need to take it easy.  Hmmm.....that's kinda tough for me to do.  I've had to force myself to be lazy.  Luckily, I had my cake class to go to this weekend.  Boo helped me make a batch of one bowl chocolate cupcakes from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book.  The centers are filled with her recipe for marshmallow creme filling.  Um, yum.  I came home with these:
I had leftover icing & decorated a few more (which will be given to a friend who brought me dinner the day after my surgery).   And some were eaten that night for Booga's 9th birthday.  Yes, I have a nine year old.  No, I don't feel old enough to.  It's crazy how fast kids grow up.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time & keep my kiddles small forever. 

{wearing our traditional birthday hat over his eyes.  so typical of him.}

 {he got his very own cake, compliments of his Cub Scout leaders}

{it rained most of the day, but the homemade banner really brightened things up}

How was your weekend??

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