thrifty finds

After donating a trunk load of unwanted items to Savers this weekend, we ventured inside to see what President's Day bargains would make their way home with us.  Give a little, get a little....right? ;)    For less than $30, we came home with all of this:

{a new tunic-style shirt that only needs a small hem repair & gold braided belt for me, a plaid shirt for Nonee with hip graphic on the back, an H&M shirt-dress for Boo, a handmade shawl & polka dot belt for Tot, 2 used books for a project I'll do at a later date}

a Sunday coat & white sweater for the girls (not pictured)

Horray for thrifty finds!  Salvation Army is having a $1 clothing sale today.  Do I dare go??  Oh yes. 

Happy Wednesday,

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