Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Top o' the mornin to ya!  Really, it's the afternoon here, but better late than never, right??  Here's a little green from my crew to yours (minus one little stinker who wouldn't sit still).

As child, my mom would wake my 2 sisters & I up in the wee hours of the morning to take us downtown for a big parade.  Heinz (the ketchup company) would throw out little pickle pins.  The cool thing was to show up at school the next day with little rows of pickle pins on your jacket.  And I remember green bagels being handed out to parade-goers as well, which promptly turned your mouth green upon the first bite.  But they were big & delicious - I just couldn't resist.  Oh & then there's my favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition - after the parade, we'd go to McDonald's for a shamrock shake.  Oh my & YUM!  I do love minty things.

Do you have any fun traditions for this fabulous holiday?
I hope you are having a lovely green day!

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