Project Restyle: ruffled skirt

I am excited to share my first Project Restyle project with you :)  What?  You haven't heard of it?  Check out the fun rules here and then get crafting my friends! 

Tot loves to do fancy tricks on her scooter.  One day, while speeding along our extended driveway while doing such fancy tricks, her blue velvet skirt got caught under her wheel and tore it up. 

I told her to have no fear, that Project Restyle would save her beloved skirt.  Normally, it would go in a pile that would eventually make its way to Salvation Army.  However, I am getting braver with my sewing machine (a Mother's Day gift from The Mr. years ago when I was an art student) and knew I could come up with something handmade and fabulous.   With some vintage strips of material, taken from one of my grandmother's old blouses, I made pretty ruffles and then sewed them over the icky holes. 

I have to admit that I like the skirt even more now than I did before.  And Tot is happy too:)

Happy Restyling!

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