We watched our friend's kids last night for a couple of hours & when I opened the door, their sweet little girl held out a fresh bouquet of pretty pink roses.  It made my day.  I love having fresh cut flowers in the house and promptly put them in a mason jar on my window sill to enjoy.

{I really need to plant some rose bushes.}

Then this morning, I helped my same friend make a cake for her mother-in-law's birthday.  She made & frosted the cake with pretty yellow buttercream frosting (it has jam in the middle - YUM!) & I made some gum paste carnations & leaves for the top.  I learned how to make them in my cake class this week & was glad to have a reason to practice making more of them. 

Have a lovely, lovely weekend.  I'm buying new tennis shoes - yahoo!!

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  1. You did great on the skirt and the gum paste flowers. I am not a flower making person. Great work!


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