Make It Monday: napkin flowers

I realize it's closer to Tuesday for some, but my clock has assured me it's Monday evening here & so I can still post for Make It Monday.  I do have a good excuse for not posting earlier in the day & it involves running around like chicken with its head cut off in order to go grocery shopping, help with homework, do some yoga & finish up plans for my daughter's Kindergarten graduation for which I am in charge of decorating {more on that next week!}.

 Today's little project comes without instructions, for they are already posted on the MADE blog {along with truckloads of other fun tutorials}.  Go check it out.   I spotted some napkin flowers over there & knew it would be just the thing to pretty up a dessert table I was putting together for the ladies at church. 

Now they happily sit on my kitchen windowsill.  Hello.  Aren't they pure loveliness??  Um, yes.  Yes they are.  Wouldn't these be perfect at a party, shower or even wedding?  The answer to that would be yes.

I thought it would be fun to sweeten my blooms up a little more, so I wrapped the sticks {I mean, stems} with green floral tape. I only wish I had longer stems so that I could put multiple blooms in one jar. My blooms are spoiled because each one has it's own jar ;)

Now go and make some.  After you see how easy it is to make just one, you'll want to make more & more & more.....  I'm pretty sure these are going to find their way into my 12 year old's 13th birthday party decor in August.

I hope your Monday was lovely,

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