fun weekend idea

Need something fun to do with the kids this weekend? 

How about you build them a makeshift fort using a large quilt draped across 2 couches (chairs are always an option if you don't have enough couches).

How about you blow up an air mattress (the best choice if you have wood floors, but you can use sleeping bags on top of carpet) & show them a favorite family movie while you cuddle with your significant other on one of the couches.

How about you let them sleep on the mattress. 
{You'll earn awsome parenting points for this.}

How about you suprise them with donuts & chocolate milk for breakfast.  
{Add more points for even more awsomeness.}

Next time we are going to add a s'mores treat to the fun.

If you give this a whirl, I'd love to see.  Leave a comment & link your blog up! 

Have a lovely weekend.  Ours will be filled with swimming, a doctor visit, the local library, church & dinner with Nana & Grandpa Vern.

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  1. Love it! My son is just getting old enough that it really means something to him to do things out-of-the-ordinary like this. I think it makes both of us excited. It makes me feel giddy, like when I was a kid and my mom would just surprise me with a Barbie doll in the mail, for no particular reason.


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