haboob season

Yes, haboob is really a word.  Some people like to call it a dust storm, but us desert folk know better.  They come so wickedly fast & can cause major damage.  Like uprooting trees & power outages.  Crazy wicked.

We just happened to see one coming our way & ran outstide to take a quick photo before hightailing it back into the house.  The sky went from sunny to dark in seconds.  The Mr. wanted to wait until it got right to the street.  Something like this came out of my mouth: "Uh-uh.  No way.  Get in the house now."  It's a good thing I have an obedient husband ;)  The haboob hit the house just as we shut the front door.

Here's to hoping you have a sunny weekend,
PS - I've been crafting a little, so Make It Monday will be back starting this Monday!  Horray!!  Be sure to stop by.

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