Our {picture heavy} 4th

As promised, I'm here to share pics of our recent Independence holiday with ya.  It's gonna be picture heavy - you've been fairly warned.

We spent the day with Nana & Grandpa, along with my sweet aunt, uncle & cousin.  Before extended family arrived, we hit the pool.

This little girl was getting quite brave in the water.  We have a "you can only go as deep as your shoulders" policy, which she adheres to well. 

Nonee decided to be even braver than his sister & ditched his beloved lobster for some water wings.  Once he discovered that is all he needed to have on to stay afloat, he was in water heaven.

This is the flag waving magestically in front of Nana's house - provided by the Boy Scouts. 

And these are smaller flags sitting sweetly in a mason jar  on the dinner table.

 Extended family arrived and then we ate.  Lots of food.  Good food.  4th of July food.  Like the juiciest watermelon EVER.  And a bowl of baked beans that was half-eaten by Booga.

The kids had double scoops of Thrifty mint chocolate chip ice cream.

 The grown ups ate pie.  My favorite pie ever.  Cherry rhubarb pie.  With vanilla ice cream on the side.  Nana sent us home with the last piece which I ate the very next day.  And I enjoyed every delicious moment of it.

Then it was time for a little sparkle.

Aside from a little sunburn on the Mr.'s shoulders, it was a perfect day. 


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  1. Where did you get Thrifty ice cream? Do they sell it in AZ?! I'm jealous! I want some!


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