Make It Tuesday: bed makeover

I've been stuck in a whirlwind of packing boxes & taking photos of the house for the realtor, remodeling our main bathroom, setting aside items for our yard sale this weekend, and trying to juggle life inbetween. I finished packing up most of the kids' rooms and am kind of in love with how clean they are right now.  In fact, I kind of don't mind if what I've packed already doesn't come with us.  I know they'll miss their stuff, but I sure won't.  Is that mean?   So amongst all the business, I found time to spray paint the bed frames we bought at a consignment shop forever ago for our girls.  There were two of them, they were the perfect size (twin) and they were cute.  Just a little worn out & white.  But the DIYer in me knew something could be done to change that.

The Mr. suggested black & I loved the idea.  So we headed over to The Home Depot for some glossy black spray paint (a much better choice since we had lots of nooks & crannies to get paint into on the posts).

Years ago, my grandma gave me the blanket that my grandpa had on his bed before he passed away.  I remembered that she had an exact match on her on her bed when I was a little girl.   But hadn't used it in years.  So I got brave and asked her for it & she was more than happy to give it to me.  Now my girls have them.  I love that they've inherited a small piece of two very special people in my life.

I looked through my photo archives & can't find the "before" photos I took.  I hate it when things mysteriously disappear.  Just pretend you saw photos of a plain old scratched up white bed frame that needed some serious lovin.  

Have a lovely day,


  1. ps: I totally miss you.

  2. For the non-DIYer... glossy black spray paint?? What brand? How much did you use for the two beds? I have a bunk bed that needs a do-over.

  3. Those are some very cute beds! Your girls are lucky! Can I just say you and your family will be missed! So excited for you though!


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