good eats: pretty cupcakes

The kids requested cupcakes for Dessert Night (we only have dessert once a week at our house - Thursdays) so I bought a box mix and got to work.  I topped each one with some homemade frosting & flowers I made for a cake class I took a few months ago.  The result was almost too pretty to eat.

This boy may or may not have gobbled up a few.

The homemade frosting is a recipe I watched my mother & grandmother make as a young girl.  They would never measure anything and somehow frosting was magically perfect every time.  I make it the same way, but can give you the gist of how it's done.

You'll need:
1 pkg. confectioner's sugar (one pound)
1 teaspoon vanilla (I just use the cap of the vanilla bottle)
dash of salt
2 Tbsp. milk + some more
1 stick butter ever so slightly softened (I use unsalted butter)

I throw everything in at once into a bowl & turn on the mixer.  It will be a little on the dry & clumpy side.  Add a dash of milk and mix some more.  If it is still too dry, add more milk.  I like my frosting to hold its shape and not flop over.  If it flops {or is too runny} then add more confectioner's sugar.  I told you that for me, it's not an exact science.  If it's too thick, it will not spread on the cupcakes well.  If it's too thin, it will run right off the cupcakes.  So just thick enough is perfect.  

Have a yummy day!

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  1. Wow, those look beautiful! Amazing work, Anna!


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