the race is on

Carter & I worked on his Pinewood Derby car here & there a little over the last 2 weeks.  I've never been the one to help with this project as it is usually a bonding time for him & the Mr.  But with things being the way they are (the Mr. is still in VA without us), I was left to help him design a speedy car for this year's derby.  We settled on a shark design, which he cut out at a den meeting and then brought home to paint & add weights.  He dreamed up a simple face design and I worked my painting magic while he was at school one day.  And I figured out that I am not a painter.  Those little white shark teeth were a tease for my unsteady hands.  Oh the things we do because we love our children ;)

His car won 2nd. He literally missed the 1st place award by a hair. But he didn't care. He was so happy to have placed so well. That's one thing I love most about Carter - simple things make his heart smile.

Happy Monday,

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