happy mail//happy friday

Happy mail arrived at our doorstep this week.  Oatmeal raisin cookies and new non-living pets (my favorite kind) were shipped to the kiddos from their sweet Nana.  Opening the package was tricky as there were a handful of hungry ants already attacking the tasty treat it contained.  Ants in my tiny apartment?  No way, Jose.

The cookies have since been gobbled up and the animals played with over and over. I am glad to have such a thoughtful mother.

So what are you up to today?  I have a post-op visit with the doc today and hope that I can get the green light to exercise again.   Oh, and I am hoping to have a hot date with the Mr. at a certain nearby theater.  Other than that, it's more of the same - dishes, laundry, cleaning.....  Hellllllo Friday!


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