little somethings

One of my bestest friends in the whole live world (hi Heather!) does this regular post on her blog.  I love the idea of it – of taking time to notice life and all its little wonders.  I think it would be fun to share my own version of it with you from time to time.  These are the little somethings I wanted to remember from this last week. 

|HEAR|  rain patter on the window just as Hailey leaves to wait outside at the bus stop at 6:40am.  I hope she puts her jacket hood on.

|TASTE|  french toast and sausage links for dinner.  Breakfast for dinner is becoming quite the regular thing over here.

|TOUCH|  beads of sweat on my forehead.  It was humid today.

|SMELL|  purple irises in full bloom.  They are everywhere right now.

|SEE|  Tatum try to bite itty bitty Legos apart even though I tell her not to over and over again.

|FEEL|  overwhelmed with the task of finding a new home.  Everything in our price range needs a lot of work.  Or they sell before we can even see them.  It's exhausting.

What about you??  What  special little thing do you want to remember from this week?



  1. awww...(waving hi back) miss you more and more!
    Great list - I need to get back on it.

  2. oh and we totally will miss you guys for Collin's Baptism on Saturday! :( totally crying over here!!


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